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Below you will find a wide range of resources to support you on your path to vibrant, total health. I have personally used all of these people, products, and services and so can highly recommend them to you without hesitation. These are truly talented healers, and transformational products/services. Note: These are local, Denver-area resources, unless otherwise noted.

Here's to your blessed healing journey.
With Love & Light,
Dr. Jenn

Holistic Herbal Health. Deb's a Master Herbalist & Healer,
offering homeopathy, cranial sacral/massage, myopulse,
and other healing options. Deb's work has aided me
tremendously on my own path of healing chronic pain and
fatigue. I especially appreciate how open, warm, friendly,
and flexible she is. At Holistic Healing Health you feel
like part of the family!

Colorado Vitality Center. I've relied on chiropractors to manage chronic back pain for years. But always, it was like a band-aid- giving at most, only temporary relief. Dr. Mark's unique form of Light Force chiropractic goes so far beyond traditional chiropractic work- that I put him in class by himself! His work is meant to help the body heal itself on all levels from the origin of the problems, releasing mental, emotional, and physical blocks. Plus, you'll enjoy Dr. Mark's gentle, generous, and compassionate spirit. Working with him only a short time has healed chronic pain I've had for years!  If you have long-standing issues that have not responded to other treatments, you owe it to yourself to check him out!

Awakening Knowledge. A talented hypnotherapist, Karen can
help you reach into your subconscious and transform the
limiting blocks hiding out there. She also does powerful past-life
and healing work, helping you uncover your Universal Support Team!

Pretty Is. Hands down, the most exceptional animal
communicator I've ever had the pleasure to work with! 
She can access all levels of powerful information from
your animals giving you answers to questions about
your pet's mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health.
Don't be surprised to discover that your pets have healing
information for you too! She is also gifted in equine massage
and making custom saddle shims. After a reading, you will
never look at your pets the same way again! If you love your
animals, you simply have to check her out!

Silver Owl Healing Arts. Jen is a gifted energy healer who also does amazing Akashic Records Readings. Let her help you discover your True Self by uncovering your past, present, and future gifts! She's also the co-leader of our Healing Circles held at the Ranch. Contact: 303-908-6140, jentomas@msn.com

As a talented energy coach, Kelly also offers powerful Angel Readings that will knock your socks off! Let her help you see the next steps on your path to success, clearly and easily. Contact: KellyMWallace@gmail.com.

Abraham2. A powerful healer, Tame is also an amazing channel for Abraham. Together, they can assist you in discovering how you are standing in your own way, so you can reclaim the life that's meant to be yours! Truly amazing work offering you practical skills and insightful inspiration! Contact: 720- 341-5970

From Pieces to Peace. Jessica excels at helping you remove your limitations!

With a mission of rescuing horses and supporting foster families, Zuma's Ranch is helping both horses and kids heal
so they can go on to live happy, healthy lives.

Got a question about any of the resources on this page? Contact me! I'm happy to answer any questions!