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At Happily Ever After, our mission is to give you back to yourself, so you can embody the joy and wonder of your Best Self.

Our peaceful and inspiring retreat, located 30 minutes south-east of Denver, sits on Rainbow Ridge, giving it a 360 degree view of the Front Range Mountains.

The outlook is sensational.

The stars gloriously bright. The full moons stunning.

The sunsets truly spectacular.

And the wildlife diverse, including resident Redtail hawks, rabbits, jackrabbits, and antelope.

Currently, the ranch has a round-pen for healing sessions and a 135 X 225 foot outdoor arena. We're surrounded by open space for trail riding.

Future plans include a beautiful barn and indoor arena complex with office and workshop space.

The retreat is designed for healing & learning sessions lasting from one hour, to one day, to a whole week, depending on your needs and desires.

The main house is an architecturally inspiring custom 3800 sq ft home. For convenient overnight stays, there is a charming guest suite, with bedroom and personal bathroom, located in a private wing.

Spa treatments, such as massage and other holistic treatments may be available in-house, per your request.

When I was about to turn 6 years old, I asked my mother for a pony ride for my birthday. Little did I know that simple request would turn into a lifelong obsession with horses!

A few years later, around the age of 12 or 14,
I discovered my other life-long passion: Love.

I became acutely aware that relationships were
really important to people, but that in general,
they weren't very good at them!

So at that tender young age, I formed the intention
to become a doctor that helped people with create beautiful, lasting love!

And I never looked back, getting my Ph.D. in
Clinical Psychology with a Post Doctoral Fellowship in Family Therapy. I've been honored to learn from some of our nation's leading marital and relationship experts.

After finding my own soulmate and living
my own amazing Happily Ever After love story,
I became particularly fond of helping singles
attract their soulmate. Thus was born, Dr. Jenn,
the Soulmate Coach.

And once I bought my very first horse in graduate school, I never considered myself anything but a lifetime horse owner.

Now, my husband Greg and I are the proud and delighted owners of 3 very fantastic and healing mares. Greg grew up showing Arabians saddleseat and Western. Now, we are elated to be able to enjoy the sport of eventing together!

And I've been grateful to have trained with several
Olympic level event riders throughout my career.

So really, it was only a matter of time until I found a way to combine my two biggest passions: Love and Horses.

Thus, the healing programs offered at the Happily Ever After Holistic Horse Ranch come from a lifetime of passionately studying these topics. I believe that every single person deserves to live an authentic life filled with love and joy. And I know the horses are here to guide us in this endeavor.

I've experienced profound healings with them on my own healing journey, so I know first hand the power of the horse to heal. And as a Reiki Master, I understand the importance of healing on an energetic level.

This ranch has been a healing blessing for us. And it's blessing that we wish to share with you.

Here's my open invitation to you to come out and allow the horses to guide you back to wholeness, to Who You Really Are and What You Came Here to Do.

Come experience the magic yourself!

Currently, the ranch is home to 3 amazing healing horses. Let's meet your healing coaches!

Affectionately referred to as Seren, this 18 year-old Thoroughbred mare, is the wise head of our healing herd.

She is a master energy healer and takes her job of helping you transform seriously.

Calm, gentle, trustworthy & a stoic soul filled with wisdom, Seren is the horse you can choose to sit on for horse-back healing.

Her History

Seren is my first horse. She came to me as a 4 year-old when I was in my 20's as a graduate student and we evented together successfully for many years. Following her show career, Seren was a broodmare in Wisconsin for 5 years, passing on her lovely even, reliable temperment. She returned to live with us in Colorado 3 years ago, and we are truly at peace in our hearts having her beside us once again. She has been with me all over the country, through thick and thin, and my heart swells with love when I look at her.

Greg is currently learning dressage and jumping from her well-schooled back, but her favorite thing is a bareback canter across the field!

Her favorite treat: Parsnips!

Affectionately referred to as Angel Pony, Frolic is the baby of the herd. As the 4 year-old daughter of Seren, she is a Thoroughbred-Quarter Horse. This little red-head is one of the quietest, sweetest, and most friendly mares you'll ever meet!

But don't let her age fool you! She is one seriously wise horse, who by example, exudes the peaceful wisdom that many of us humans could emulate. 

Curious & playful, she'll make you laugh living up to her Pocket Pony reputation. And that laughter can teach you lessons your heart has been waiting to learn.

Seren and Frolic often work as a mother-daughter healing team.

Her History

Frolic came to us as a yearling when Seren returned from Wisconsin. Even then, she was pure calm, sweetness. I think she's an old soul, here to impart much wisdom to anyone ready to learn.

She's been a joy to start and we eagerly anticipate many fun years of eventing with her in the future.

She also enjoys being ridden bareback, in a halter.

Her favorite treat: Carrots!

Charm is our gorgeous goddess!

Affectionately referred to as our Star pony, she's a 6 year-old Thoroughbred mare, tall and striking in her beauty.

Confident & powerful (ok, and sometimes flamboyant), yet playful and sweet. She sets her boundaries and others respect them. When you do, she opens her heart to you for a cuddle.

With a young, vibrant energy, Charm is smart as a whip & always curious about her surroundings. She is ready for the next adventure life has to offer- as you can be!

She knows she's good and never doubts her abilities.

She teaches us how we can embody the whole spectrum of masculine and feminine attributes to achieve success in our relationships.

Her History

Charm came to us as a barely broke 3 year old. Calm, yet responsive and inquisitive, she loves to perform, enjoys the challenge of jumping and looks forward to her job as my up and coming event horse.

Her favorite treat: Sunflower seeds!


The newest addition to the herd is a yearling colt, who joined us in 2009. Affectionately known as Little Man, his real name of J'aren is the Hebrew word for "outpouring of joy." See how he received his name here: Naming Little Man.

Centered, calm, endlessly curious, and super friendly, he's carrying the vibration for the New Masculinity- calling forth our inner Divine Masculine in a powerful way. Born to be a healer, he's learning the ropes at the ranch.

His History

J'aren arrived at the ranch through a series of powerful serendipitous events! The Universe was conspiring to bring us together to serve this healing mission. Read about his journey here: SynchroDestiny.

He's currently learning his natural horsemanship lessons, with the hope of being Greg's event mount some day.

His favorite treat: Your sleeve!

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